30 Second Demo – Copying an AX Environment


On Demand Environments powered by Skytap allow Microsoft Dynamics customers, partners and ISV’s to create and manage complete Dynamics ERP and CRM environments quickly and efficiently.

In the following demonstration I am logged into my Skytap environment because I need to copy an existing five server Microsoft Dynamics AX environment for use by a testing team.

30 Second Demo _ Copy AX Environment 1

The video below presents the steps and time needed to complete a copy of this environment and have it ready for use by the testing team, all in less than 30 seconds.

A simple drop down menu presents a “Copy Environment” Option.

30 Second Demo _ Copy AX Environment 2

Selecting this option allows us to choose a new name for the duplicated environment and move the new environment into a region and project destination if desired.

Within seconds the new environment is ready for use.

30 Second Demo _ Copy AX Environment 3

Contact us for a complete demonstration of how you can quickly and easily manage Microsoft Dynamics environments.

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