AX7 Previews – Too much of a good thing?

Donuts - Too Much

Except for the unintended humor of course.

Information regarding AX7, the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship ERP offering, is now hitting the press.

Two things stuck with me after reading the highlights in such sources as Information Week and Computerworld:

  • The unintended humor (I hope) in the phrase “An HTML5 interface delivers a consumer-style experience”.
  • Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and Cortana – Way too much of a good thing!

“An HTML5 interface delivers a consumer-style experience”

I actually laughed out loud when I read that line. As a sanity check I called several other folks that make a living implementing AX and read it to them. In my limited sample set I got 100% laughter confirming my initial reaction.

Of course this may be the classic example of inappropriate laughter when something scares the heck out of you or is completely inappropriate.

Don’t consumer websites spend trillions trying to figure out how to keep people interested for more than 5 seconds at a time?

And more importantly, after adding a mouse to the equation is there ANY possible way to slow down data entry any more drastically? Blindfolding people? Maybe hammering their fingers like they were caught card counting by Vegas muscle in the good old days! Yeah…that might do it!

Let’s not even discuss the issue of installing and maintaining a stable user environment on multiple browsers on multiple hardware configurations. On the plus side it will be awesome for:

  • Getting analysts to wet themselves with excitement when Microsoft showcases its far-sightedness by doing an AX7 demo at the next big “Key Note Event” on an iPad. Oh the irony.
  • Can you say; consulting opportunities?

Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and Cortana – Way too much of a good thing!

For the period of time that AX has been owned by Microsoft it would be hard to argue that it has not been the best ERP value in the marketplace and easy to sell.

Technically it has always been the easiest product to sell because it inherently had a huge advantage playing nice with Windows and Excel (and other “stack” elements of course}.

Combine that with its price and flexibility and you have had a product that until recently anyone but Microsoft and its dealer channel could sell.

I am sure that in the relatively small number of companies with the technological savvy and monetary resources to overcome the issues that plague the vast majority of ERP implementations, functionality such as Power BI and Azure Machine learning will prove to be important features. The problem is that in the real world companies are happy when checks get printed on time.

But Cortana? Really? Who in the hard core ERP user community was jumping up and down demanding that Siri-Lite be integrated into their software? Please identify yourself immediately and give back your Zunes.

Just because you can do something does not always mean you should.

Every ERP software executive should be forced to install and use their own product.

Now where are those floppy disks….


Source reading:

Information Week

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The next generation of Microsoft’s Dynamics AX, redesigned for cloud and upgraded with Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, and Cortana, is available for public preview.


An HTML5 interface delivers a consumer-style experience

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