EZ Support, Training and Demos utilizing Published URL’s

On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap published URLs help you share your environments with teams across the office or across the globe. With the click of a button, you can generate a URL that provides instant, browser-based access to any VM in your environment, from any computer—regardless of whether your co-worker or customer has a On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap account. These URLs make collaboration effortless for devtest, demos, and online classrooms.

  • Published URLs are easy to create and highly customizable. You can configure them to:
  • Provide browser access to one or more VMs within an environment
  • Provide view, use, or control access to individual VMs; you can grant “view-only” access to one VM, while granting “full control” access to another VM, all from the same URL.
  • Securely provide access to your environment; you can restrict access with passwords, use SSO, or restrict access to users from your corporate IP space.
  • Limit access to certain times of the day, or for a limited number of hours; this grants you control over how your VMs are used and how you will be charged.

Published URL in On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap

Managing Published URLs in On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap is a simple process. Because they can be configured for your specific use scenario, published URLs are only limited by your imagination, if you dream of URLs.

For example:

  • You can email a single URL to your QA team in order to provide access to an entire test environment. The QA team can access the environment from the published URL and then navigate to the desktops of individual VMs hosting your test applications.
  • Generate separate URLs for each VM in a virtual classroom. Each URL can be password-protected, cordoned off from other students, or limited to provide access during a specific classroom session.
  • Create a published URL as an approval or acceptance step in a software build or release cycle, for instance, send the customer a link to access to their “future-state” ecommerce site in a Skytap environment for acceptance testing and approval the day before go-live (or any interval desired).

Published URLs use browser-based websocket technology to provide entry to your virtual machines and virtual machine desktops. Without installing any plugins, you can have effortless control of your virtual machine with the added benefit of built-in credential and screen resolution managers.

Let us show you how can easily manage your support, training and demo environments.

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