Skytap Productivity and Value versus Standard Virtualization

Educating people on products that they do not realize they need can be frustrating and a challenge.

Demonstrating the increase in productivity and associated savings in time and money of the Skytap On-Demand Environment is a case in point.

In the world of development, test and training environment creation there is the status quo, typically VMware base environments, and now Skytap which provides an evolutionary move forward in functionality and ease of use. The problem is that even after detailed explanations of the differences between the two approaches there is still a chance of “not getting” the core fundamental increase in utility that creates the heart of the Skytap value proposition versus a traditional approach.

A case in point.

I recently received an email from a prospective client that had looked at the Skytap solution in detail. His question concerned a new product from a vendor that allowed for the menu driven creation of VMWare based environments in the Cloud. The issue that concerned him was that it looked like the same functionality at a lower price point.

Granted, the menu driven creation of environments is a nice tool but it missed the basic core value add of the Skytap solution…the complete replication of the production environment that allows for more sophisticated and complete testing of new development scenarios.

The fact that this critical functionality difference had been overlooked had my mind racing in one of my favorite direction: Analogyville.

Development, test and training environments are needed for managing complex and sophisticated systems that cannot afford downtime or errors. Therefore, testing and training has to be rigorous and complete when introducing new development to the system. Skytap not only reduces the time and cost of this critical process but reduces the risk of potential errors and associated system downtime by allowing development, testing and training to occur in a copy of production that replicates the real world, not a pristine and perfect VMware type of scenario.

Imagine that you are designing, manufacturing and implementing the gaskets that seal out sea water from the torpedo tubes in a nuclear submarine. After developing the seals you install them in a “test sub” and run the following test:

Cruising along the top of the water everything works fine and the test is declared a success. That is the equivalent of testing new development in a VMWare based environment. Everything may look great until it’s time to Dive! Dive! Dive!

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