Skytap Provides Faster, Better and More Economical On-Demand Environments


It has been almost two years since I fell in love with the potential of On Demand Environment creation for Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Customers. My frustration with bringing that technology to the Dynamics market in an easily consumable manner is well documented in my Partner Channel article that I re-posted on my TurnOnDevOps blog.

Fortunately we are now in a position to better deliver the On Demand Environment Technology that I know can be a productivity game changer for ERP and CRM implementations in the Dynamics space. For both customers and partners.

Introducing On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap.


Here is a quick summary of the advantages provided by Skytap for the Microsoft Dynamics Partner and Customer community:

  • Enterprise and SMB based pricing model – at hourly rates below a consulting resource!
  • Need based delivery model
    • Dedicated “Always-On” environments
    • As needed “On-Demand” environments
  • No internal set-up required – let us show you how
  • No long term contracts for “On-Demand” requirements
  • Cloud based solution
  • No hardware requirements – no proprietary “boat anchor” purchase needed to get started
  • Modern user interface that makes the creation of new environments easy to manage for non-IT individuals
  • No need for development level skills or set-up to get started.

Bottom line, Skytap provides faster, better and more economical On Demand Environments for Microsoft Dynamics Partners and Customers.

Let us show you how by spinning up your environment in a real test of the Skytap capabilities.

Schedule your live test today.




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