Streamlined Demo Environments for Microsoft Dynamics ISV’s

Today’s Microsoft Dynamics ISV’s have high-value clients and prospects who seek personalized software demonstration experiences. Sales engineers are often caught between the desire to create compelling software demos and the reality of slow machines, complex set-up, and limited IT support. In addition, shipping multiple software demo machines or traveling with them to customer locations is costly, resource draining, and time consuming. This distracts sales engineers from their core mission – showing what their software does best, and winning more business.


With On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap, sales engineers and consultants can set up software demos and proof of concept environments instantly, using elastic, on-demand cloud environments. They can easily configure and manage multiple environments concurrently and share access over the Internet to clients without relying on the client’s hardware or IT team.

  • Easily move your software demo and evaluation environments to the cloud to free up demo hardware and setup expenses
  • Instantly build, customize, and deploy a new demo environment from a template in seconds
  • Create tailored demos for prospects from cloud-based templates or share unlimited copies of your “golden” software demo environment globally
  • Conduct multiple software demos or POCs in parallel without availability conflicts thanks to multi-tenant capacity of cloud
  • Provide expert help with the option to guide software evaluations remotely through the “over the shoulder” option of viewing/controlling a shared Skytap environment or desktop UI.
  • Collaborate with partners or customers on new software proof-of-concept, development and acceptance testing of the latest version in a safe computing environment that cannot impact production.


How it works

On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap empowers sales and marketing teams with self-service cloud-based software demos and evaluation environments that provide frictionless customer collaboration. The net result: shorter sales cycles and more closed business.

Complex application environments are deployed exactly to specifications in seconds with On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap. Organizations can take their existing demonstration labs and software applications to the cloud without requiring any application rewrites. Sales engineers can create multiple custom software demo configurations in On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap with an easy-to-use web UI. Configurations can be cloned and published securely on the Internet so that you can easily manage multiple prospect evaluations in parallel. You can easily interact and collaborate with your prospects as they engage with your software applications.

Sales engineers and technical marketing managers can centrally manage all the master or “golden template” software demo images, use access rights, team or group usage, and security policies. This top down view provides the visibility and control you need to efficiently run geographically distributed sales teams.

Let us show you how On-Demand Environments can quickly and efficiently streamline your Demo infrastructure and delivery.

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