Train, Develop, Test and QA Safely in Production?

“Replicate Reality” with On-Demand Environments

Make instant, unlimited copies of your production system with an elegant and easy to use system that does not require IT knowledge for:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • User Acceptance, and
  • Training

The benefits are enormous in terms of productivity and accuracy:

  • No waiting for environments to be “spun up”
  • No errors due to differences between environments
  • No need for additional hardware resources

The classic environment strategy for an ERP or CRM implementation resembles some form of the following:

  • Development – new code is developed by individuals or teams of programmers in this environment based on new requirements presented to them by users, project stakeholders or project managers. When complete the new code is moved to…
  • Test – users, project stakeholders or project managers test the new code to see if it meets their business requirements. If not there is further development and testing until the code is moved to…
  • UA (User Acceptance) – business process scripts are processed in this environment to make sure that new code functions accurately for all possible transaction scenarios. Errors result in further development and testing until clean code is moved to…
  • Production – new code that has been thoroughly tested is moved into the live production environment.

This process is followed to insure that there are minimal business interruptions caused by bad code or “bugs” being introduced into the live production system.

In this classic strategy the development, test and UA environments are difficult to create, manage and at best only approximate production.

With On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap we are making almost instant copies of production environments to use for development, testing and training.

Watch a five server, 1.1 Terabyte Dynamics ERP production environment get replicated in less than 30 seconds.

Then schedule your own personalized overview.

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